Photos on Glass

Photos on Glass

Translucent Glass

What a unique way of displaying your photographs. Our Glass Prints are a perfect way to take advantage of backlighting and natural light to illuminate and enhance the beauty of your photographs.


They can be displayed on a stand or as Wall Art. Display your photos, or your artwork on Glass. Photos on Glass are a completely different way to display your Pictures.  The result is an amazing High Resolution image that is rich in color and translucent. The small size makes them perfect for your work area, coffee table, or book shelf. They display beautifully on clear acrylic easel stands or on the wall, with our exclusive stand-off hanging system. Talk about a Unique Gift Idea! We have made Awards in Glass, Inspirational Plaques, Product Advertising and Military Memorabilia all on Glass.
With all of  our glass products the image is applied to the backside of the glass. This process protects the image from wear and abrasion.

You can also create a unique custom glass mural that can be framed for display.


Create a Glass Mural from Your Photos

It’s very easy to create a custom Glass Mural from your digital images or your own artwork. Personalize your kitchen backslash, bathroom, shower, and table or counter tops or even the floor with custom Glass tiles that you create.

Frame your Glass Murals so that they can be easily transported to your new location. Grouting is not necessary for the Glass Murals. Send us your images or even older pictures and we will help you create a work of art with Glass!

Prints on Glass are the latest in printing technology that results in these amazing custom artistic Translucent Creations. Photos printed on Glass is a modern approach to creating a modern art form from photography, digital art or graphic designs that dare to be different.

With our exclusive Digital Proofing System you can be sure that what we are going to create for you matches what you have in mind and provide us with feedback if you need to make adjustments to the photo before we print.

Basically you are only limited by the extent of your creativity. We can make your vision a reality.


There Are Two Basic Glass Surface Finishes:


Smooth Finished Glass

Smooth Surface Glass

The Smooth Finish Glass is primarily intended for decorative use displayed on stands, small easels hung on the wall or as framed art. The presentation is perfect for most photographs with brilliant color representation and detail. The Smooth Glass is available with a frosted or white backing. Remember, DECORATIVE USE!

They can be used outdoors although not recommended, but not in direct sunlight indoors or outdoors. Not recommended for installation on counter tops, tabletops or in the floor. They should not be used as trivets.


Frosted Backing

Frosted Backing Makes the Class Less Opaque, More Transparent

Smooth Glass Image

White Backed Glass is More Opaque, Less Transparent


Textured Finished Glass

Textured GlassThe Textured glass would be the preferred choice for installation on countertops, in the floor or as a backsplash. Glass used as trivets or as cutting boards would be Textured Glass. This would be your best choice for use in either residential or commercial applications where glass is preferred over the Ceramic Tile.

They could be used outdoors but not in direct sunlite. They are recommended for installation on counter tops, tabletops, backsplashes, showers, or in the floor.  Only White Epoxy should be used to install Glass Tiles to prevent damage to the backing.


All Products are Made in USA

Textured Glass Displayed on an Easel

Textured Glass Image

Textured Glass Trivet


Glass Cutting Boards


Textured Glass Cutting Board

Textured Glass Cutting Board

Textured Glass Cutting Boards are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The Glass Cutting Boards are made from Tempered Glass for strength and safety. The image is printed on the White Backed Textured Glass for protection and is dishwasher safe. These Glass cutting boards are perfect for any kitchen and can be used to repeat a patern or design in the backsplash or elswhere.


Round Glass Cutting Board

Round Glass Cutting Board

Oval Glass Cutting Board

Oval Glass Cutting Board

 Our Glass Products are all Made in USA


Tempered Glass vs Non-Tempered Glass:

All of our Glass products including our 4X4 and 6X6 non-tempered glass meet ASTM standards for safety.  Tempered Glass is Preferred for the larger sizes and will be used unless you specifically request non-tempered for your project.

Tempered glass goes through a cooling process that makes it much stronger and safer than normal glass.  When glass will be used in a way as to come in contact with human activity it should be tempered. This includes glass windows, doors, showers, glass table or desk tops, cutting boards, trivets or decorative art displays.

When you break a piece of tempered glass, it breaks into thousands of little pieces instead of breaking into sharp jagged shards and edges that can cut you. Of course, this is the safety component of tempered glass.

Having said all of that, if you are using the glass products in a project that will require cutting, you will need to use the non-tempered glass. You should be familiar with procedure for cutting glass and if you are using this in a large mural only use the non-tempered glass in the areas where cutting will be necessary. You cannot cut the tempered glass, it will shatter.


Free Photo Adjustments and Enhancements

Here at Get Your Photos on Tile we help edit your photographs or digital images to produce the very best results possible before we create your Glass. We offer the same great services that are available for our Photos on Canvas. Our Services including both Free and Premium Enhancements.


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